Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran

Wednesday, May 29th 2019
Ed Sheeran
The internationally known megastar will meet you on May 29th, 2019 at the Matmut ATLANTIQUE for an exceptional concert!
After two concerts at the Stade de France last summer, Ed Sheeran will be on the Matmut ATLANTIQUE’s stage on May 29th!


TICKETING Ed Sheeran - Matmut ATLANTIQUE (Bordeaux)


For people with a wheelchair
  • Category 1 : 84,00 €
  • Category 2 : 65,30 €
How to book tickets for wheelchair users? Send back the purchase order by mail (download purchase order here) :
4 tickets max. / order
For people with disabilities (Except wheelchair users)
  • Category 1 : 84,00 €
  • Category 2 : 65,30 €
How to book tickets for people with disabilities?
4 tickets max. /order


  • Category 1 : 84,00 €
  • Pelouse* (pitch): 73,00 €
  • Category 2 : 65,30 €


Friendly Package
  • Category 2 seats
  • bloc H7 et H8
  • Aperitif upfront the concert
  • Beer and soft Open bar bières et soft during the event
  • 1 parking space for 4 seats booked
  • 259 € VAT INCL. per person


For the concert it is possible to prebook your parking space on the Parc des Expos parking lot
  • Presale price: 8 € 
  • On concert’s day: 10 € 
Remember to prebook your parking space or favour car pooling

  • Seats in the Carré 1881 lounge – 334 € INCL. VAT per person
Booking on our online ticketing service or by sending an e mail to: entreprise@stade-bordeaux.com
  • Seats in the Club des Grands Crus lounge 418 € INCL. VAT per person
Booking on our online ticketing service or by sending an e mail to: entreprise@stade-bordeaux.com
  • Private boxes – 470 € INCL. VAT per person
No booking on our online ticketing service, please contact our sales department by sending an e mail to: entreprise@stade-bordeaux.com

PRACTICAL INFORMATION for the Ed Sheeran concert at the Matmut ATLANTIQUE

What is the secondary market?
The secondary market for reselling tickets is when people buy the tickets at the normal price (face value) to resell them at a higher price on websites not approved by the artist, and therefore, to prevent the real fans from having the possibility of buying a ticket at the normal price.
Buying on illegal ticket resale sites carries many risks: speculation on show tickets sold at exorbitant prices (beyond their true value), counterfeit tickets, duplicates of the same ticket resold several times ... and especially that of not being able to attend the show!
How much does a ticket cost?
  • Category 1 : 84€
  • Category 2 : 65,30€
  • Pelouse (pitch) = 73€ 
The price of these tickets includes rental fees, limited to 10%. If you want the tickets or e-tickets to be sent home, please check with your retail point the pricing conditions
Tickets customisation
In order to stop the secondary ticketing market, ridiculous prices and fan scams, the tickets are nominative, which means that the name of the buyer is printed on the tickets. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. They will be checked at the entrance of the stadium. The buyer therefore agrees to appear at the check, accompanied by the other ticket holders of his order, and to prove his identity at the entrance of the show by an official ID or a copy of it, if the buyer does not go to the concert.
Where can I buy my ticket?
  • matmut-atlantique.com
  • Fnac.com
  • Ticketmaster.fr 
  • Digitick.com
How many tickets can I buy?
The limit is 4 tickets per transaction
How can I pay?
By credit card
But if more than 4 people want to go to the concert?
You will have to try to make another order with another bank card.
Can I buy a ticket to make a gift?
Only the correspondence between the buyer's ID and the name on the tickets will be required to enter the stadium. Other tickets purchased under this name may be given to other persons provided they arrive with the person with the corresponding identification on the tickets.
What documents are needed to access the concert?
To enter the Stadium, you must have your ticket and your ID with you.
What is the age limit?
Any minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Are cameras allowed?
Professional cameras, cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited. Small cameras and mobile phones are accepted.
I can not go to the concert anymore. What can I do with my ticket?
Tickets are not refundable.
I can not find my purchase confirmation email anymore?
The buyer must contact the retail point, where he bought the ticket(s).
What time do I have to go to the stadium?
Please visit the website of the stadium to get the time of the doors’ opening. Come early enough to access your seats calmly before the start of the concert.
I bought tickets from an unauthorized ticket resale site and was refused access. What can I do to get a refund?
We will stamp your invalid ticket allowing you to take the necessary steps with the retailer from whom you purchased your tickets. Return to the relevant resale site and refer to the refund conditions presented to you at the time of purchase.
Go to http://fanpasgogo.fr/ for more help and information.



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