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Buy and resell your tickets legally.

The Matmut ATLANTIQUE official exchange offers possibility to spectators to buy and resell their tickets legally and with security. This is only available on Concert.

Packages and VIP Tickets can’t be resell on it.

How to resell a ticket ?

You can resell one or several tickets very easily since your account.
Follow these steps:

1.Connect to your personal account

2.Click on“resell my tickets”

3.Click on “more details” on concert wanted

4.Tick tickets you want to resell and validate by clicking on “resell tickets selected”

5.Fix the price for each ticket

6.Confirm informations and validate by clicking on “Resell”

How to buy tickets ?

1.Go on the page with the concert you want to buy tickets

2.Click on “Official Exchange”

3.Select tickets you want to buy

4.Confirm informations and validate by clicking on “buy now”

5.Give your payments details and click on “check out”

Buy or Resell tickets on Matmut ATLANTIQUE official exchange is the guarantee to :

  • Profit tickets initially bought on Matmut ATLANTIQUE website, official reseller for organizers.
  • Resell your tickets until the day of the concert
  • Resell for free your ticket. Only the new buyer has to pay extra for management (15€ by ticket).
  • Profit tickets with selling prices, fixed by the organizer, who can’t be higher than the official price. He has to be between 50% and 100% of the original price.
  • Be assured than tickets are blocked and secured as soon as they are on your bag until your check out
  • Cancel the resell of your ticket if this one is not on someone’s bag.
  • Recover, in case of resell, all the purchase of your ticket.


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