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01 August 2015 - 12h00

Opening of the Stadium’s restaurant

Tuesday July 21 2015 at 11:30 AM the Matmut ATLANTIQUE’s restaurant will be opening its doors at the South bend level of the arena. Visible from the Jallère Avenue, this dining and tasting venue will be offering visitors, spectators, professionals and individuals classic and original recipes based on the numerous dishes served in the south-west, on game nights and on other nights as well. We invite you to discover through images the direction this new convivial venue will be taking.

Fabien Porte, General Manager of St Once, Yann Charrière, restaurant Manager, could you define in a few words your role and mission with regards to this new reception space at the Matmut ATLANTIQUE?

Fabien : I am restaurant Manager for the Matmut ATLANTIQUE for VIP parties as well as for tradeshows and larger public events such as refreshment stalls. My role at the heart of the restaurant is to insure the best management possible.

Yann : In charge of the St Once brasserie’s management at the Matmut ATLANTIQUE, for which we hold a 10 year license, my role is to orchestrate the team dynamics in order to offer quality services to all our future customers.

What is the restaurant’s target market and what is the price range you have opted for?

Fabien et Yann : the New Bordeaux Stadium’s restaurant is obviously meant for everyone. A visitor who wants to discover the arena and decides to stop and have a bite to eat is very much the sort of customer we are expecting. Being open during the games and at other times as well, we have a very large target audience but one that will differ according to the events planned. During the year, since we are situated at the heart of a business district, we have developed menus for the employees with a starting price of €10,90 which includes a main course and coffee. The second menu is priced at €15,90 with a main course + desert – coffee.


How can one reserve a table for tomorrow at the Matmut ATLANTIQUE’s restaurant?

Yann : We are open Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 3 PM when there are no major event and every game night, 1.5 hours before and after the duration of the match. Reserving a table at the stadium’s restaurant can be done first and foremost by calling this number: 06 11 54 52 15. If you want to obtain further information, you can already send me an email at the following address:


Fabien : We have also put up a Facebook page for the restaurant and we invite you to go and visit it to soon discover our offerings and to post your comments after your visit. Facebook Brasserie St Once du Matmut ATLANTIQUE



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