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09 February 2015 - 09h00

An “english style” stadium

The Matmut ATLANTIQUE offers optimal visibility from all positions within the infrastructure. Following an “English-style” stadium typology, synonymous with the visual comfort of all spectators, this Anglicism makes its way into the very term used for the field’s safety barriers: wembley safety barriers.

Here, no more pit or fence, the tiers’ first rows situated less than 10 meters away from the players, are separated by safety barriers equipped with elastic cables preventing spectator access to the field at the level of the North and South stands. Having proven itself at England’s famous Wembley stadium, the utilization of these materials is a safe bet.


One meter high, the lower rim barriers allow for optimal visibility onto the playing field. Furthermore, in the case of crowd movement, access gates monitored by the stadium’s security control station open onto the field and allow the public to be directed towards the multiple building exits planned in case of evacuation.


Higher up, such as on the lodges’ level 2, the passageway and the bowl’s level 3, the barriers are larger and inverted, 90 cm high and composed of a glass surface. The utilization of glass here guarantees perfect visibility to 100% of the venue’s seats. ARESTALFER, a company from the Gironde located in Gradignan, is in charge all of production and installation of the metallic structures linked to public safety. All together, the company has produced more than 3 km of handrails along the flights of stairs along with 500 m of glass safety barriers positioned on the higher rim of the Matmut ATLANTIQUE.



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