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A successful Environmental Integration


The Matmut ATLANTIQUE is built on the site of Bordeaux-Lac, ideally located at the heart of one of the metropolitan area’s major hubs.

Situated at the center of a green area between the floral Park comprised of more than 30 hectares and the Bordeaux forest covering 50 hectares, the Matmut ATLANTIQUE will integrate perfectly into its surroundings thanks to its courtyards to the east and west of the building offering a subtle transition between the spaces. The landscaping for the site and its surroundings was entrusted to Michel Desvigne, the first landscaper to ever receive the Grand Prize for city planning in 2011. 

“The stadium’s installation is nourished by a particular situation: that of an area connected on the one hand to a high quality natural setting to be enhanced to the north and to an urban landscaped framework to be reinforced to the south. Our proposition reinterprets the exceptional qualities of this framework and defines a global structure, organizing the various plots through two principal elements :

The stadium’s surroundings: courtyards, parking, ecological corridor. Between the strips of forest, natural thickets act as a theater’s backstage.

The ground: in the west courtyard, the trees are planted in large bands on a natural lawn itself housed in a dark and sparse soil. The existing north parking will be refurbished.

These various types place the stadium within a completely landscaped setting and create an intimate correlation between the stadium’s site and the forested surroundings.”

MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, 2013