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Réglement intérieur du Matmut ATLANTIQUE


Terminology used in the current internal rules and regulations:


·         SBA/ Stade Bordeaux Atlantique: Company holding the partnership contract

·         Public: All person entering the New Bordeaux Stadium

·         Organizer: any entity organizing a show and/or event within the New Bordeaux Stadium

·         Event: event taking place within the New Bordeaux Stadium including ticketing

·         Corporate event: event taking place within the New Bordeaux Stadium without ticketing, i.e. corporate event, tradeshow/seminar

Stadium’s enclosure or New Bordeaux Stadium’s enclosure:

Space including the following:

-       The perimeter situated within the gates therefore the Stadium, the parvis

-       Public, VIP and media parking lots

-       The players’ parking lot located within the enclosure

-       The grass and stone areas

-       The exterior parvis  



The current rules and regulations are applicable to all persons entering the New Bordeaux Stadium to attend a sports or cultural event (sports competition, concert, show), to visit the New Bordeaux Stadium, to attend a corporate event (seminars, receptions, meetings…) or to work.  

SBA maintains the right to modify all or any part of the current rules and regulations at any time for legitimate reasons such as security, improving services or to take into account changes in legislation, regulations or jurisprudence.

The rules and regulations are valid as soon as they are posted at the stadium’s entrance, at the entrance of the SBA’s offices and/or published on the SBA website.

Anyone entering the New Bordeaux Stadium’s enclosure must conform to the current internal rules and regulations as well as to the current laws in effect.



Article 1

In the case of events or visits to the New Bordeaux Stadium, stadium access is strictly limited to ticket holders whose validity is controlled by a representative of the organizer and/or by the New Bordeaux Stadium’s computerized system.

Each spectator, regardless of his age, must hold a ticket giving him access to the areas specified on said ticket.

Stadium access is forbidden to minors under 16 years old without adult supervision.

SBA discourages parents to bring children under 5 years old to the stadium.

For sports events, stadium access is strictly forbidden to those persons having been the subject of judicial proceedings or an administrative interdiction of entering or being near an enclosure where a sporting event is to take place.

Access to the New Bordeaux Stadium is strictly forbidden to anyone displaying violent, racist or abusive behavior as well as to anyone in an obvious state of inebriation or under the influence of drugs.

During events, opening hours for the specified accessible areas are defined by the specific usage contracts all the while respecting internal rules and regulations.

Any person entering the stadium for work purposes will have to be accredited or authorized by the organizer or SBA and must be able to prove his/her identity.

Stadium access is forbidden to the following individuals:

-       Those accompanied by an animal (except for dogs accompanying persons holding an invalidity card as specified in article 174 of the family code)

-       Those in a state of inebriation or possessing alcoholic beverages

-       Those in possession of objects susceptible to be used as projectiles and endangering public safety

-       Those in possession of pyrotechnic devices

-       Those in possession of banners, insignias, flyers or any other material whose objective is seen as furthering political, ideological, philosophical, abusive or commercial ends as well as those presenting a racist or xenophobic character.

Exiting the stadium will be considered as definitive unless a specific procedure has been put in place by the organizer and clearly indicated to the spectator.

The SBA offices are open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm and Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm.

Article 2

The public is expected to submit to eventual security pat downs and the control of belongings. These controls and security operations could be carried out at the access points as well as anywhere inside the enclosure by authorized agents and/or law enforcement in accordance with decree number 2005-307 dated March 2005.

Any person refusing to comply with these control measures will be refused entrance to the stadium and/or thrown out.

Article 3

It is strictly forbidden to bring the following into the stadium:

-          Any alcoholic beverage or drugs

-          Any document, flyer, badges, insignias, banners of any size of a political, ideological, advertising nature or any other material being put to commercial use that could be seen by the spectators and/or viewers, especially minors.

-          Any object susceptible to be used as a weapon, projectile or putting in jeopardy the public’s safety such as tools, knives, scissors, cutters, glass or plastic bottles, glasses, cans, sticks, batteries, metal boxes, flagpoles, metal bars, bolts, steel balls, umbrella, canes (those with end pieces are allowed for the elderly or handicapped), sharp-edged or blunt objects…

-          Rockets or fireworks or any pyrotechnic device

-          Explosive, inflammable or volatile substances

-          Helmets

-          Foghorns

-          Metal bars

-          Metal boxes

-          Plastic bottles greater than .5 liters

-          Laser pointers

-          Vuvuzelas

Article 4

Amplified sound equipment is strictly forbidden within the stadium’s enclosure except with the special authorization of the organizers and under the following conditions:

-         The bearers must make their identity known to the organizer’s representatives at the stadium’s entrance

-          These materials must only be used during sporting events.

-          They must not incite hate, violence or have racist, ideological or political aims. 



Article 5

Baggage lockers are available to the general public at the various access points so as to deposit objects and personal effects that might be cumbersome or that are forbidden within the enclosure. The baggage lockers are managed by the organizer.

Deposits are allowed within the limits of the baggage lockers’ capacity. If a deposit is considered suspicious, verification may take place by the security agents. Any dangerous object can be refused.

The applied rates will be posted at the baggage lockers. The depositor will received a numbered ticket. After the event, the objects can only be claimed by presenting this ticket.

Personal effects and objects not reclaimed by closing time will be held for 24 hours at the baggage locker where they were deposited. Past this delay, they will be handed over to the event’s organizer.

Article 6

Banned objects can be confiscated by security services and placed at the baggage lockers for the duration of the event and claimed afterwards, except for glass or plastic bottles which will be deposited in the consumables’ non reclaimable bins.



Article 7

It is asked of the public to not disrupt the events’ unfolding and to respect safety regulations.

Specifically, it is forbidden to:

-          climb over barriers and fencing

-          use emergency exits except during an emergency

-          access non authorized areas or areas under construction or renovation

-          access the stadium’s roof

-          enter the playing field during a sporting event or the stage during a concert

-          participate in races, chases, shoving, sliding or climbing

-          sell or distribute any object or document inside the enclosure with the exception of individuals authorized by the organizer.

-          deteriorate the furniture installed inside the stadium’s enclosure

-          use spaces or equipment other than for their designed usage

-          degrade, enter or cross the landscaped areas, trees, bushes present on the site, to apply graffiti, posters, marks, stains on the walls, fences, buildings as well as on any of the works.

-          in general, to take any action leading to degradation

-          displaying a behavior likely to cause injury or discomfort to others

-          get disguised or camouflaged in such a way as to become unrecognizable.

-          throw or deposit seed or food to attract birds

-          enter the enclosure or go near it in violation of a legal interdiction when a sporting event is taking place

-          access the sports arena while inebriated

-          introduce or attempt to introduce alcoholic beverages into the enclosure

-          incite, by whichever means, spectators to hate or violence towards a referee, a sports judge, a player or any other person or group of persons

-          introduce or attempt to introduce the display of insignias, signs, symbols making reference to racist or xenophobic ideology

-          introduce or attempt to introduce rockets or fireworks of any nature along with any object susceptible of being used as a weapon

-          throw projectiles which could represent a danger to others

-          enter the playing field when it perturbs the competition’s proceedings or endangers the public

Persons found in violation can be thrown out of the New Bordeaux Stadium.

Article 8

To ensure the public’s safety, the New Bordeaux Stadium is equipped with a video surveillance system under the supervision of judicial police officers during events and whose images are susceptible of being used in the case of legal cases.

When no events are taking place, the system is controlled by authorized security agents. A right to access is provided for in accordance with law number 95-73 dated January 21 1995 and decree number 96-926 dated October 17 1996.

Article 9

The use of the elevators is reserved to persons with reduced mobility or handicapped, to pregnant women as well as to persons occupying the lodges and presidential seats.

SBA declines all responsibility for any damages possibly caused to a third party by wheel chairs.

SBA declines in general all responsibility in the case of damage caused by persons present in the stadium and/or by the personal effects in their possession.

Article 10

The public is asked to respect seating numbers and to follow indications provided by the staff to lead them to their seat or authorized area.

It is forbidden to stand up in the stands equipped with seats, to climb or hold onto to the stadium’s fencing or to go from one stand to another.

It is forbidden to remain standing for a length of time or permanently in the staircases, the vomitorium or the clearance areas.

Article 11

For security reasons, it is forbidden to stand in the passageways, access or exit points as well as in the staircases during an event.



Article 12

All images, sounds or photographs taken within the stadium require the explicit authorization from the organizer and/or SBA

Article 13

Any person attending an event is informed that he/she is susceptible of being photographed, filmed notably for reasons of television broadcasting.

The person holding a ticket or an accreditation consents and freely grants the right to the organizer to use and reproduce his/her image and voice on any given medium in relation with the event and/or the promotion of the New Bordeaux Stadium as well as that of the concerned event.



Article 14

In all instances when the safety of the stadium’s visitors and their belongings are in jeopardy, in cases of overcrowding, disruptions or strikes, the organizers reserve the right to the following:

-          proceed with the total or partial, temporary or permanent closing of the stadium

-          interrupt entering or exiting

-          interrupt or stop the event

-          temporarily contain the public within the stadium at the end of an event

-          partially or completely evacuate the stadium

-          assign a person to a different seat then the one indicated on his/her ticket

Article 15

If evacuating the building becomes necessary, it is to be done in an orderly and disciplined manner following the security staff’s instruction and according to security regulations.

Any accident or unusual event must be reported immediately to a member of the organization.

Article 16

SBA and/or the event organizers cannot be held responsible for any accident resulting from the infraction of current rules and regulations.

Article 17

Any lost child will be taken to the police station. A general public announcement will be made.



Article 18

Group visits take place under the constant watch of a supervisor, member of the group, who insures present rules and regulations are respected and enforces discipline. The printed guide, which may eventually be given to the group cannot, in any case, replace the supervisor’s presence.

School group visits proceed under their teachers’ responsibility.

The security staff is habilitated to exclude any group whose supervision does not meet the norms or whose lack of discipline may cause concern.

Article 19

Group visits that take place during the Stadium’s opening hours must not in any way disturb others and if need be, groups may be divided up to that end.

Article 21

Members of the group are submitted to all the restrictions resulting from the current rules and regulations. SBA reserves the right to adjust or modify the tour at its discretion. The guide can forbid access to all areas deemed dangerous to the visitors.



Article 21

SBA will incur no responsibility when it comes to events considered force majeure or stemming from a third party notably bad weather, strikes, changes in regulations, unusable field, decision from any other competent authority regarding security and discipline, and notably the impossibility for the organizer to use the Stadium or its other spaces. SBA is not in any way responsible for the changes in the sporting events’ calendars nor for the infractions committed during events.

It is noted that the safety of shows and events falls under the entire responsibility of the Organizer in accordance with the existing law.

Article 22

SBA and/or the organizers of Shows and/or Events cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from the violation of the current rules and regulation.


Article 23

In the enclosed areas such as parking lots, seminar rooms, press rooms, lounges, lodges… (this not being an exhaustive list), it is forbidden to smoke unless that space is specifically designated for that purpose.

Article 24

Except for an explicit and formal agreement by SBA, the utilization of vehicles, motorized or non-motorized, is strictly limited to the designated spaces (parking lots, interior and exterior roads)

Traffic regulations apply within the Stadium’s enclosure. The speed limit is 20 km per hour and must in all cases allow for immediate stopping.

Conductors are also expected to follow instructions transmitted by the SBA welcome staff or the organizer.

SBA does not ensure security services within the Stadium and declines all responsibility in the case of degradation, theft or deterioration of stationed vehicles.

All stationing on the parking lots is forbidden when no events or shows are being held.

Article 25

All non-respect of the regulations puts the violator at risk of possible legal action.

Article 26

Any complement to or modification of the current Rules and Regulations become effective at publication