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The Matmut Atlantique, a 42,115 seat multifunction sporting facility, inscribes itself as a structuring element for Bordeaux and all of Aquitaine. With each phase that ties it to the City of Bordeaux, the Group, fully implicated, has committed to the project’s complete success: design, financing, construction, management and maintenance, complying with all of the specifications and the timetable.

To insure this present and future success, the Group has partnered with professional services recognized for their respective expertise in their fields (financing, architecture, technical, security, project management).



In September 2015, the Matmut Group and SBA signed a ten year naming contract. Henceforth, the new sports arena will be called the Matmut Atlantique. Naming is a sponsoring practice which consists in giving a sports arena the name of a brand or sponsoring company in exchange for a fee. The latter has notably enabled the city and the community to save several million euros on the project’s total cost. Daniel Havis, President of Matmut, declared while formalizing the decision:


“The Matmut Group firmly believes in projects which contribute to bettering the quality of life of the territory in which they are developing. Undeniably, Matmut Atlantique, an arena of magnificent architecture, promotes exchanges, conviviality and proximity around a playing field, and we are delighted to contribute to its success and attractiveness. This commitment continues our investment in the region which is to be realized most particularly by the coming fusion with the Ociane union, well known by the inhabitants of Bordeaux but also by those of the entire region. Another example of our implication is our strong support of the Bordeaux Bègles Union whose results delight us.”


Daniel Havis, President Matmut 


The City of Bordeaux seized the opportunity of France organizing the EURO 2016 to select the most competent partners for the construction of a new stadium. With a reasonable cost, this project inscribes itself in the City of Bordeaux’s strategic development, future large European metropolis. It is a necessary step to insure the city’s continued ability to host large national and international soccer and rugby competitions. Furthermore, for big sports clubs like the FCGB, its facilities constitute a determining factor for its notoriety, its development and in promoting its city’s image, Bordeaux.



Counting from the facility’s first put into use, Stade Bordeaux Atlantique (SBA) holds the partnership contract for a duration of 30 years for the design, financing, construction, management and maintenance of the Matmut Atlantique. A subsidiary of VINCI and FAYAT, Stade Bordeaux Atlantique, in partnership with FC Girondins de Bordeaux, will insure the management of this multifunction structure that can host sports as well as cultural, musical or corporate events.

VINCI Concessions insures the design, financing, construction and management of transport infrastructures and public facilities. Its expertise covers three key stages of the project under concession: development, construction and long term management. These concessions fall within the framework of a public partnership on the behalf of local services; and they participate in the stakes for sustainable development and land use. VINCI Concessions’ business is structured around 5 brands: VINCI Highway, VINCI Park, VINCI Airports, VINCI Railway as well as VINCI Stadium. Managing operator for the Stade de France, the MMArena in Mans, the Allianz Riviera in Nice, the Matmut Atlantique as well as the future Arena in Dunkirk, VINCI Stadium, subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, brings its know-how and develops around these new multifunction venues a multitude of associated services that contribute to facilitate and increase the spectators’ experience. Beyond their multisport and spectacle programming, these large new general structures are true icons and centers for social and economic lives.


Before the construction phase, SOMIFA (FAYAT) and ADIM South-West (VINCI), delegated contractors, undertook the project’s promotion with, during the construction site’s preparation, the technical editing of the partnership contract, the drawing up and acquisition of the building permit and administrative authorizations, the follow-up and validation of the public inquest, and the sports venue’s approval… During the construction phase, the developer group ensures that delays and costs are respected and manages the relationships between the constructors group and Stade Bordeaux Atlantique.



The group that unites the subsidiaries of VINCI Construction France and of FAYAT is in charge of the stadium’s construction, in close cooperation with the developer, SBA and the different contractors.


Architects Design
Landscaping Design and Production
Engineering Firms Concrete structure
  Metal Framework
  Roads and varied networks
  High environmental quality
Inspection office  Security coordinator
Approval and accreditation
Economist Economy and project management



The construction of the Matmut ATLANTIQUE was entrusted by the City of Bordeaux, via a public-private partnership (PPP), to Stade Bordeaux Atlantique. Through this long term contract, the latter is committed to insuring the financing, design, construction, maintenance and commercial management of the Matmut Atlantique until 2045. This partnership allows the City of Bordeaux to build a facility necessary to public service while requiring from its private partner, Stade Bordeaux Atlantique, a major commitment in terms of performance and quality all the while transferring its construction and operating risks. At the end of the partnership, full ownership of the stadium will be handed to the City of Bordeaux.

In addition, VINCI Concessions and more recently VINCI Stadium, current operator of the Stade de France, the MMArena in Mans, the Allianz Riviera in Nice and the future Arena in Dunkirk, have expertise in new generation sporting venue management and at their disposal a wide offer for hosting big production tours. This is an asset which will benefit the Matmut Atlantique as it joins this sports infrastructure network unique in France