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Wednesday 12 February 2014

A 42,000-seat stadium, 1000 of which can be adapted within 72h

42 000 seats !

The stadium takes shape

Now that all the racks supporting the stands of the New Bordeaux Stadium are in place, the large external staircases are taking shape, representing the equivalent of a 25,000-person stadium.

67,000 seats, that's the equivalent in bleachers and steps that the New Bordeaux Stadium teams are in the process of installing. It's a long-term project that is gradually concealing the complexity of the stands' superstructure. But that's not all, the site is making progress, and here's a look at the highlights since the beginning of February:

In the West Stand, work has begun on the covering of the underside of the stands. With a total surface area of 42,000 m², these white aluminium composite panels will cover the bowl structure to give the stadium its final appearance.

To the North, the installation of the bleachers has begun on the upper section of the stand and in the quarter-bend joining the West Stand, where all the bleachers have already been installed.

On the outside of each side stand (East and West), the large staircases leading up to the stadium are still being installed, with the installation of the racks and steps giving the enclosure its final external footprint.

On the 3rd floor of the West Stand, located halfway up the stadium, the staircases leading to the top of the stands are being installed. These "vomitories" will allow the general public to access their seats on the upper flight from the level known as the "passageway", where all the general public are seated.

A few metres above this walkway, the media will have direct access to the upper grandstand from the areas reserved for them, thanks to a footbridge that has just been installed over the general public level.

Also in the West Stand, work has begun on fitting the frames for the glazed boxes on level 2, while two glazed boxes have already been installed in the East Stand, each with 12 seats.

Finally, the final finishing touches to the serpentine can be seen in the South Stand, where work has already begun. This corridor, which runs all the way around the stadium, will contain all the sales and entertainment outlets, as well as the public toilets.