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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Day-365 to the inauguration of Bordeaux's New Stadium

Just over 10 months old, the New Bordeaux Stadium is bursting at the seams. With its unique architectural features, the project is making great strides towards becoming a reality.

Phases 5 and 6, which include the installation of the steel roof structure and the secondary trades, will shortly reach the half-way stage. With 1 year to go before the inauguration, it's time to take stock of the site's progress.

The rain of columns representing the identity of the New Bordeaux Stadium is currently visible all along the western forecourt, and is made up of three families: structural posts, functional posts and decorative posts. In all, more than 700 posts will adorn the new stadium.

The players' entrance to the changing rooms from the VDI (internal service road) is visible, and the glazed area delimiting the mixed zone from the VDI has been installed. Installation of the glazed area on level 1 of the lounges under the steps is under way.

The steps will soon be in place, and the first low racks have been installed in the east stand, giving a visual idea of the future spectator route.

The staircases on level 1 of the VIP lounges, allowing VIPs to access the dressing rooms from the first level, were installed in the West Stand. The partitions on level 2 of the boxes were installed in their entirety in both the East and West stands.

The walkway on level 3, accessible to all future spectators, is 800 metres long. It is now possible to walk around this reception area, the protective resin floor is being laid, and the future entertainment and catering outlets are taking shape.

The entire bowl is complete, and the last of the upper tier of bleachers were installed on the South Stand on 18 April.

The roof cladding is now in place, consisting of an opaque steel section and a translucent polycarbonate section, designed to let the sun's rays through to the inside of the enclosure.

Installation of the roof elements on the west stand is complete, and the north-west and south-west quarter-bends are already in place. Installation of the roof elements has begun in the centre of the North Stand.