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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Matmut ATLANTIQUE commits to recycling

Sorting even at the stadium!

In partnership with Coca-Cola, FCGB and Matmut ATLANTIQUE are committed to effective waste sorting.

Since the Bordeaux/Marseille match, five plastic bottle collectors have been available to spectators. For every bottle deposited, there's a chance to win a prize!

Bottle sorting, a key issue

For several weeks now, Coca-Cola, in partnership with the start-up Lemon Tri, has been installing sorting bins in various stadiums, including Matmut ATLANTIQUE. The aim is simple: to encourage the public to sort their plastic bottles in places where collection facilities are not always clearly identified. A total of 55 sorting machines will eventually be installed in various locations, including football stadiums and iconic landmarks in Paris. The Matmut ATLANIQUE has 5 of them.

The concept is fun and simple. Lemon Tri's intelligent machines recognise PET packaging, sort it and compact it. The aim is to make consumers understand that packaging needs to be sorted before it can be recycled. This is achieved through :

• Educational messages broadcast on the terminal screen and by the sorting ambassadors present at the event.

• Gifts: prizes such as shirts, goodies or match tickets can be won thanks to Coca-Cola's partners, to attract and encourage even more people to adopt this virtuous approach.

Don't forget, every bottle you drop off is a chance to win a prize!