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Saturday 9 November 2019

The Matmut ATLANTIQUE, a responsible approach

A responsible approach !

The Matmut ATLANTIQUE is part of a responsible approach aimed at reducing plastic.
On 11 June 2018, SBA signed the charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments with a large majority of managers of sports facilities and host sites in the region.

Since this signature, SBA has been working with all organizers and service providers to ensure that every event held at the stadium is carried out with a responsible approach. This is reflected in concrete actions such as the provision of 800 bicycles for the TOP 14 semi-finals and the installation of beehives around the perimeter of the stadium.

No more plastic bottles

Continuing this trend, this evening for the first time, all plastic bottles were removed from the boxes and lounges and replaced by glass bottles. SBA is currently in discussions with its beverage partners and the catering operator with a view, initially, to reducing and eventually eliminating the use of plastic bottles throughout the stadium.