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Monday 13 May 2024

The Matmut ATLANTIQUE undergoing work before the Olympic Games

On the road to the Olympic Games, the world's biggest competition

The Matmut ATLANTIQUE stadium is getting ready to welcome the global event of the Olympic Games by giving itself a makeover! Work is in full swing, with an impressive transformation of the forecourt around the stadium, covering the north, east, south and west facades. This is much more than a simple renovation; it's a colossal project:

- A 10-strong team, dedicated to every detail to ensure an unforgettable experience for spectators
- No fewer than 200 piles were driven to a depth of over 14 metres, providing a solid and secure base for the new facilities
- With a total surface area of 2,340 square metres, every inch has been designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all

Follow us to be at the heart of this epic transformation as we prepare to host the world's biggest competition!