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Wednesday 14 January 2015

The new Bordeaux stadium, a modular stadium

The New Bordeaux Stadium is a new-generation multi-purpose stadium. It has a total capacity of 42,000 seats, with 1,000 modular seats in the lower flight of the North and South stands.

The modular seating at Bordeaux's New Stadium is located solely in the first three rows of bleachers on the lower North flight and the lower South flight. The structure's framework is made entirely of steel, while the cladding consists of aluminium panels, wood and non-slip material. Work began last December and will be completed by the end of January 2015. In the space of 2 months, it will have taken 6 journeymen to assemble all the modular seating.

Covering a strip of synthetic imitation grass, the bleachers are designed to be dismantled according to the events held at the New Bordeaux Stadium. The equipment will take 72 hours to dismantle for all 1,000 seats. Designed first and foremost to comply with end zone standards, which are only necessary for international rugby matches, the equipment can also be removed in concert configuration, to facilitate the positioning of the stage or the extension of the pit. The integration of modular bleachers within the new Bordeaux structure is a real asset.

A new Zoom article about the seating at Bordeaux's new stadium will shortly be posted on the official website, providing more information about the structure of the rows of demountable bleachers.